Language Editing Services

Journal of Chronotherapy and Drug Delivery focuses on improvement of clarity and sense of the submitted papers. Journal of Chronotherapy and Drug Delivery offers English Language Editing Service, which is a premium quality service for researchers preparing papers for publication in national / international scientific / medical journals. Our language editing improves the total quality of the paper so that the results stand out. Our editors use their scientific knowledge / training to point out vague or confusing language in the submitted document and will work on style to make the article sound more professional. The editors will not edit for research content or formatting and will not translate text from another language.

The advantages of language editing service are:

  1. High-quality editing by experienced editors who have relevant scientific, technical or medical background, which is matched to authors’ area of research
  2. Quality assurance of the editing by experienced senior editor
  3. Rapid editing process followed by feedback to the authors
  4. Feedback to the authors helps in development of writing skills

Conference Proceedings / Abstract Books / Special Supplements

The journal publishes conference proceedings, abstract books, conference full papers, etc., as special supplements in the journal. Interested organizations, institutions, Universities may contact the Editor-in-Chief or Publisher for details and pricing.

For further details and pricing, please contact:;; 

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